Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to Save Money

How to Save Money on Printer Ink

In this time and age, aren't we all trying to save money here and there. There are some very interesting tips below on how to save money on printer ink and surprise, its not finding the lowest price on a printer or ink.

Fun Fact. Printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids on the planet. Ink is sold by the milliliter, but if you do the math, you'll find it costs thousands of dollars per gallon. My goal is to use as little of that
precious liquid as possible.

First, consider the cost per page when you're buying a new printer. Most printer makers will give you an estimate either of the price per page or the number of prints you'll get from a cartridge or set of cartridges, so you can check the price of cartridges and do your own math. The cost varies greatly - from as little as 2 cents per page to as much as 20 cents. These estimates are usually based on 4 percent to 5 percent coverage of the printable area. But like those EPA gas economy claims, "your mileage may vary."

Beware - cheaper printers are often more costly to operate than more expensive ones. For example, at $39.99, HP's DeskJet D1660 printer seems like a great deal. But the ink cartridge combo pack used on that model costs $31.99 and yields approximately 200 black pages or 165 color pages. That comes to 16 cents a page for black ink and nearly 20 cents for color.

But the extended black cartridge used on HP's $179.99 HP Officejet Pro 8000 Wireless Printer, costs $35.99 and yields 2,220 pages for a cost of under 1.7 cents a page, a 90 percent savings on ink. Color printing on that model is also a lot less expensive than on the cheaper printer.

The more expensive printer is not only faster and more durable, but it's also cheaper in the long run if you do a lot of printing. Plus, you won't need to change cartridges as often and it's better for the environment because it won't use as many cartridges. The Web site Printer.com has a handy interactive tool that estimates the total cost of printer ownership over 5 years.

Another tip: Just as there are ways to drive economically, there are ways to operate your printer to use less ink per page.

The drivers for all ink jet printers give you choices for the speed and quality of your prints. Economy or draft mode uses less ink and usually prints a lot faster. Since a great deal of printing is for internal consumption - proofing documents or sharing them with co-workers or family members - it might make sense to set the default for economy or draft and use "normal" or high-quality mode only when printing glossy photos or documents that need to make a good impression.

One easy way to save ink, paper and time is to only print the section of the document you need. This is especially true with Web pages, which can sometimes take up many pages when printed. When printing in Internet Explorer or Firefox, select the section you want to print and, on the print range section of the print dialogue box, click selection. This works with Microsoft Word and some other programs, too.

And another way to save is to reduce the size of your print job. Microsoft Word, for example, allows you to print up to 16 pages per sheet. Unless you plan to read with a strong magnifying glass, I wouldn't go that far, but two or four pages per sheet might be OK for proofing a document.

And finally, you can make a big impact by not printing documents unless it's necessary. If your goal is to preserve them, you can store them on disk and back them up on the Internet. One trick is to e-mail them to a Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail account.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Productivity at Work: There's an App for That

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Top Ten Apps you need to help stay productive at work
You’ve taken the plunge and bought yourself a new iPad. Whether this is your first (or your third, like some of us), it can’t hurt to use your new tablet to find a little extra productivity. In an effort to get you started, we’ve compiled a list of 10 apps that will get you working smarter, not harder. Check out the top 10 apps for the workplace. Wouldn't we all like to be more productive at times

Feedler 1. Feeddler RSS Reader Pro ($4.99) – I’ve recommended this one before and for good reason: it’s fantastic! Feeddler is a full-featured RSS reader that lets you keep up to date on all of your favorite news from a single source with syncing between your devices so you can stay informed without having to worry about duplication or needing to visit dozens of websites every day in order to keep up. Manage your feeds with Google Reader, making it very easy to add new sites to your blog roll now that you have the extra time to follow them!

Priority Matrix 
2. Priority Matrix ($3.99) – Are you a visual person? Use the Priority Matrix app to pull together your day by deciding which tasks are low priority and which are of escalating importance right up to critical, making this a to-do list on steroids. With progress tracking, reminders and a variety of sorting options available (all with an easy to use drag-n-drop interface), this app will help you to be more organized and a lot less panicked. If it suits your needs this app can also help you to build pro/con lists and perform simple project management tasks.

3. Dropbox (Free) – Dropbox is the kind of free service that will blow your mind. Giving you the ability to share your docs, photos and videos between virtually any and all of your computers and devices (regardless of platform), this app makes it easy to pull together the materials you need for your work and personal life. Whether you want to flip through your favorite photos or keep reference materials within reach, Dropbox is the perfect tool to help.

4. GoodReader ($4.99) – Often described as the Swiss Army Knife of iOS apps, GoodReader is one app that you will soon learn that you can’t live without. Use GoodReader to read a variety of file types including PDF, Microsoft Office formats (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), iWork, HTML and more! The really special features are the PDF annotation that allows for the use of typewriter text boxes, sticky notes, lines, arrows, and freehand drawings right on top of the document you are reviewing and the ability for GoodReader to handle really large files that often crash lesser programs.

Evernote5. Evernote (Free) – Everybody takes notes. Whether you are trying to remind yourself of some little detail you are bound to forget just in the nick of time or you attend a lot of meetings and need to keep a record, Evernote can help. Sync your notes across all of your computers and devices so you always have access to your most important thoughts and share them out to friends, colleagues and family using handy in-app tools. My favorite feature satisfies my crazy need to organize by letting me create new notebooks and add tags.

6. Penultimate ($0.99) – There are entirely too many of us who have left meetings with sketches on napkins or spare pieces of paper that really weren’t spare. Now we have Penultimate, a sketching app that lets us make a note, visually think through a workflow or scribble together a design idea so we don’t lose the inspiration when it hits. Using ink and paper tools that feel as close to the real thing as digitally possible, Penultimate will become a trusted companion.

2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop 
7. 2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop (Free) – If you use remote desktop to connect to servers you need to do your work, the 2X Client RDP app gives you the chance to use your iPad to get online from anywhere you need to be. Seamlessly run any Windows applications through Windows Terminal Server and virtual desktops with high level security and built in support for the requisite right mouse button clicking that you need in order to to properly navigate around Microsoft machines.

1Password Pro8. 1Password Pro ($14.99) – Our digital lives contain an awful lot of passwords. Even if the various security policies requiring us to have alphanumeric passwords with special characters that we chose while hopping on one foot, chewing gum and rubbing our tummies allowed us to use the same password everywhere, it’s not a good idea. But how do we remember which secret access code goes where? Using this app you can store all of your important information (and even log you in to the websites directly).

9. Blogsy ($4.99) – Are you a blogger? Should you be embracing social media more than you already are? Using Blogsy you can post your thoughts on the fly from wherever you happen to be with support for nearly any blogging platform your site is based on. Easily add photos and videos to your posts, schedule them for later, leave them as drafts for later review or even just use it to do those quick edits when you realize you need to update with a quick new link or to fix a typo that will drive you crazy.

10. 2Do ($0.99) – Everybody can use a little reminder now and then and 2Do on the iPad is a great way to get just that. Whether you like to use a simple checklist for all of your to-do list tasks or you want to organize them, tag them, share them or export them to your calendar, you can accomplish it easily with this app. For those with a lot on their plates, built-in scheduling and search capabilities will keep you from falling behind.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Betsy Says "Order Your 2013 Calendars"


Why?  The selection is the absolute best right now. Order soon either online or call into the office and ask Betsy herself. You can choose the pretty mountain view or cute puppy dog calendars now. In a month or so, the selection will diminish to a plain solid maroon border. Check out the selection here or better yet call (757) 366 5502 or login to  CoastalOp.net
 No-one matches Betsy Poe's knowledge of office supplies so you should listen when...Betsy Says!

Monday, July 2, 2012

5 Scientifically Proven Ways on How To Be Happier at Work

American workers are increasingly miserable on the job. No wonder: Those who survived mass layoffs during the recent recession often were rewarded with more work for the same or less pay.
A survey released last fall found that nearly a third (32 percent) of U.S. workers considered quitting their jobs, up 9 percentage points from the last time the same survey was taken in 2005. Another found that only 45 percent of American workers were satisfied with their jobs, the lowest level since record-keeping began 22 years earlier.
For many workers, though, quitting just isn't an option. So what else can you do to make yourself happier in the job you have? 
  • Get organized: Yes, organization requires work, but you'll find it pays off. Knowing which tasks need doing first not only means you'll have to spend less time working, it can also improve your productivity -- and ultimately how your boss views your contributions. When performing any task, ask yourself: Is this the best use of my time?
  • Now that you have more time, work less. Because of the extra effort you put into getting organized, you'll accomplish the same tasks in less time. So stop working overtime. Working more hours isn't the best way to get ahead at work. A study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (via The Washington Times) also shows that those who regularly worked overtime had increased levels of anxiety and depression -- regardless of gender or vocation.
  • Balance where you spend your mental time. Maintaining happiness requires that you not spend too much time walking down Memory Lane or focused on planning for the future. And while "living in the moment" is promoted by many personal-happiness gurus, workers also shouldn't focus too much on "the now," according to a new study from researchers at San Francisco State University (via LiveScience). "If you are too extreme or rely too much on any one of these perspectives, it becomes detrimental, and you can get into very destructive types of behaviors," says lead researcher Ryan Howell. "It is best to be balanced in your time perspectives."
  • Strive to work autonomously. Research shows that most workers are happiest and most creative when they are the masters of their own destinies, and that can be hard to achieve if you have a micro-manager for a boss. So, it may be time to sit down with your supervisor and ask to be given a longer leash and more say in the work you do. That doesn't mean, however, that you shouldn't ask for help when you need it.
  • Stop thinking about your job when you're at home. It can be hard to shut that off just because you've left the office (and perhaps even harder if you work from home). But it's important that work not bleed into your personal life, especially when you already spend a third of your day toiling away. Say, "Adios!" to work the moment you start for home.
Hope this helps with your workday. I will follow this blog with a Get Organized one to help you get started! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Beach Bash was a Blast

The other day the Coastal Gang packed up one of our vans and headed down to the beach for the Chamber of Commerce's annual event Beach Bash. The Beach Bash was held on June 13 at Neptune Park at the Virginia Beach oceanfront. More than 1,000 attendees network and visited more than 70 business exhibitors who shared their products and services. The Janitors provided live music and comedians from the Funny Bone Comedy Club entertained the crowd. The event was free and open to the public.

 We decided since it was a party at the beach we invented a game called Promo Pong, very similar to the well known college game.  Except when you threw a ping pong ball into the cup, you won a promotional item with Coastal's name on it. There were 5 different prizes including drink tickets, you could win anything from a custom designed Rick Romano mouse pad to key chains, sharpies, tote bags, cups and a designer Lilly Pullitzer Pen. We had a great time, saw some old friends, met some new friends, business contacts and most of all had a fun time with the Coastal Gang! Follow us on Facebook for more event updates and whats going on.

Meet part of the Coastal Team from left to right; Tim Owens, Furniture Expert; Sandy English, Office Product Expert; Rachel Kemp, Marketing Expert; Debbie Owens, Servmart Manager- Government Specialist; Richard Blovad, Promotional Products Expert.  Photograph taken by Owner, John Willcox

Cheers from the team at Coastal Office & Promo. Hope you have a wonderful summer and Buy Local. Let us know if we can help find innovative ideas of how your company can stand apart at your next event or trade show. We will be happy to help!
Lilly Pullitzer Pens are new to Coastal

Friday, June 1, 2012

Whats HOT at Coastal this Summer

We are ready to sizzle this summer not including the flames on the sides of the delivery trucks. We are happy to announce our newest teammate Tim Owens. Tim will lead Coastal's office furniture division bringing a depth of experience in furniture application and installation previously unavailable to small and mid-sized businesses. "Tim can advise customers on Furniture that works for it 's users, the space and the budget. He knows how to get the best bang for a customers buck from first proposal to final installation" according to company president, John Willcox. While Tim is not assisting Coastal's clients with their furniture solutions, he enjoys to be on the golf course or spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren.

Mark your calendars to join us on June 13th from 4-8pm at the Beach Bash hosted by the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce. It will feature business exhibits, adult beverages, and live entertainment. It is a free event at the Neptune Park on 31st at VB Oceanfront. You are cordially invited to stop by Coastal's table and win some prizes. Rumor has it that there will be a game that you don't want to miss, you might have played it in college.

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you    for everyone who donated old computers and monitors for our E-Cycling event. We successfully collected 10 truckloads from 17 different companies in Hampton Roads. We would like to give a shout out to a local company WHRO who donated 3 working 32" televisions. Goodwill strives to make our community a better place to live and we would like to thank you for helping Goodwill with their mission

Stay cool this summer and let us know if we can help you with the Products you want. Prices you need. Service you deserve.   Relax..........We got it!
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